5 Herbs You Should Try

The commitment to eating healthy can seem like a challenge to your taste buds. The truth is, you’re retraining them to enjoy natural, nutritional flavors, and not the supercharged artificial taste they’re used to. Don’t give in to the temptation to sprinkle on the salt or load up the sugar. Here are five herbs you can use to keep your food tasting fresh and flavorful.


If you’re a gumbo fan, you’re already familiar with the taste of sassafras – it’s the basic component of Filé powder. It’s spicy and earthy, and can be used to thicken soups and stews in addition to the classic gumbo. Sassafras is also the key component of traditional root beer.


No Italian course would be complete without oregano, and its spicy, warm taste can kick any meal up a notch. Oregano actually becomes stronger when it’s dried, so watch how much dried oregano you add to your dinner. Adding it to stews can transform a good dish to a great one.


Known for its use in pesto, basil originated in India, but its use is common to many cuisines, including Italian, Thai, and Vietnamese. Use fresh basil at the end of your cooking period, or you’ll risk ruining its flavor with high heat.


Pair rosemary with white meats or a pot of beans for a fragrant, delicious, and hearty meal. Remember to remove the springs of rosemary before serving.


Last but not least, dill imparts a sharpness to any meal, and is often paired with creamy dishes to cut through their richness. Dill is commonly served on fish, and is a prime ingredient in pickle making. It can often be found in Eastern European cuisines.

Try using combinations of these herbs on some of your favorite dishes. We’re willing to bet you won’t miss the added fat, sugar, or salt you’ve been used to.

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