Family Shops Local and Wins Big!

Seven minutes, all the Made In Oklahoma Coalition products he could fit in his cart. That’s the challenge Taylor Foster was given on June 16th at his local Homeland in Muskogee.   Taylor’s wife Nikki and three of their five kids were on hand to watch Taylor sprint through the store and help make sure he got all those tasty treats like Griffin’s syrup and Hiland ice cream.

“Not so much meat Taylor, get something else!” was one of our favorite quotes from Nikki as Taylor filled their cart with Bar S hot dogs and bacon.

The Foster family won the Grand Prize seven-minute MIO shopping spree and a Kitchen Aid Mixer by shopping at Homeland and using their One Card throughout the month of April, MIO month.

The purpose of the month long contest was to draw attention to the fact that Homeland offers a wide variety of wonderful products that are made right here in Oklahoma. Many people are unaware that Oklahoma has a plethora of products made right here in our great state including, Ozarka water, Head Country Barbecue Sauce, Griffin’s, Fast Fixin’ and Viva paper towels among many others.

Taylor knew the record to beat was $780 and after all his items were scanned his total rang up at $739.47. While initially bummed he didn’t break the record a closer look revealed he had saved $110 by using his One Card meaning his grand total would have actually been $849.47, blowing the record out of the water. When we told Taylor he did in fact break the record he responded by saying, “That’s too funny! At least my kids will be proud of me.” We’re proud of you too Taylor! Congratulations on your MIO haul!

MIO Marathon 2015 from Homeland Stores on Vimeo.