Everything You Want to Know About Milk

Chances are that when you think of milk, you might think back to elementary school cafeterias or how you’ll order your next latte at Starbucks.

Milk isn’t only nutritionally beneficial for kids or a tasty addition to your morning coffee. If your diet restrictions allow for the consumption of milk, it’s a fantastic source of nutrients. Rich in calcium and protein and jammed packed with vitamins A and D, it’s no wonder milk is a great addition to a diet.

Long gone are the days of choosing between plain and chocolate. Everyone has a preference. Choices range from whole to skim to soy and beyond.

Homeland’s dairy section carries a wide range of dairy products and brands. We make it easy to find the perfect milk for you. From Hiland to Horizon Organic, our selection offers plenty of milk and other dairy product options.

Learn more about milk with our Everything You Want to Know about Milk!

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