Wedding Cakes and Homeland: The Perfect Match

Jennifer slowly spins the cake on her turntable, smoothing bright white icing onto the sides of the vanilla layers.

“Most of the time it’s just a gentle touch,” she said as she finished icing the wedding cake.

Simple is in this year, said Jennifer Akers, assistant manager and head cake decorator at the Homeland Store at 9552 N. May Ave. in Oklahoma City. Couples are opting for rustic, basic looks. One popular order is for a simple, tiered cake topped with colorful fresh flowers added on the day of the ceremony.

“The more basic, clean, rustic look is what people are looking for,” Jennifer said.

Homeland Wedding Cake from Homeland Stores on Vimeo.

Homeland Stores offers wedding cake services at 10 locations throughout Oklahoma.

“I love the creativity and fun part of the job,” Jennifer said. “You see the end result. It starts so basic and then it turns into something amazing.”

Wedding Cake Price Tags

The average American wedding costs $32,641, according to a recent national survey. The cake alone costs brides and grooms an average of a whopping $575, and that price tag is rising. But couples need more affordable options that don’t sacrifice quality, taste or beauty. That’s why Oklahoma couples trust Homeland.

“We want to offer something other than just your basic, run-of-the-mill sheet cake,” said Ashlee Trotter, spokeswoman for Homeland. “We want to take it to the next step, where it’s personalized. We want to give the customer empowerment to make a one-of-kind cake that’s specific to their party theme.”

Homeland Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake services are offered at 12 Homeland locations:

  • Ardmore — 205 N. Commerce Street
  • Edmond — 1151 N. Bryant Avenue
  • Muskogee — 2410 Chandler Road
  • Norman — 2600 N. Robinson and 1251 Alameda Street
  • Oklahoma City — 7001 NW 122, 9335 N. May Avenue, and 10700 S. Pennsylvania
  • Pryor — 925 S. Mill Street
  • Yukon – 2400 S. Cornwell
  • Clinton – 1200 Gary Blvd.
  • Duncan – 1401 Beech Ave

Other Cake Services

You can order pre-designed cakes on our site, and you can also build your own custom creation. We offer a variety of cake options at nearly every Homeland store.

If you’re planning a wedding and are in search of a beautiful, delicious cake that won’t break the bank, contact one of the 12 Homeland locations listed above.

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