The Anatomy of a Perfect Picnic Basket

In Oklahoma, you never know when perfect picnic weather will hit. There’s no easier way to enjoy a weekend afternoon with the family than with a picnic, so it’s always a good idea to keep these picnic essentials on hand.

Depending on which part of our beautiful state your family is located, there are many options. Some of our favorite spots around the state to plop down on a checkered quilt and enjoy delicious foods include Lake Hefner, Shannon Springs Parks, Perry Lake Park, and Wacker Park.

While your ideal picnic items may differ, we believe there are some key essentials that every basket needs.

Main Course

Hot Dogs

Nothing says picnic season like a hot dog. You can either cook the franks before you go, or if you are picnicking somewhere with a grill, make them fresh and eat them while they’re hot. We love Schwab’s Original Hotlinks and Old School Franks.


Turkey sandwiches are another fan favorite. A deli sandwich with some spicy mustard is a picnic classic. Or, for a picky child, a PB&J never disappoints. We love both Griffin’s grape jelly and Suan’s jam.


Juicy fried chicken is so simple, yet so delicious. This is a great main course if you are planning to bring some sides too.


Let’s be honest: the main course never truly satisfies. We live for the sides. Consider adding some crunch to your picnic with chips or corn. Or, add unexpected flavor with a zesty coleslaw.

Sweet Treat

A picnic isn’t complete without a sweet treat. If that’s not a rule, it should be. Our favorites include gooey chocolate brownies or the classic Field’s pecan pie. These are crowd-pleasers every picnic-goer will savor.

“The pecan pie is our number one seller,” says Chris Field, president of Field’s Pies. “The pie comes fully cooked so that it’s convenient for a picnic.”


Your basket will need some water to quench your thirst. But you should also have something a little more exciting to guzzle. Bring some fizzy sodas or juice!


It’s always wise to bring some snacks in your picnic basket, because long-lasting picnics are the best.

“Our bologna is the perfect picnic snack,” says Scott Schwab, president of the Schwab Meat Co. “Pair it with some good crackers and cheese and you have an easy snack with lots of flavor.”

Favorite Complete Picnic Basket Combinations

Homeland is a big supporter of Oklahoma agriculture. Here are some picnic essentials that are (mostly) Made in Oklahoma to inspire a delicious picnic.

We’ve made it simple for you to get all of your picnic essentials at Homeland. Stop by one of our locations to fill your basket before heading to enjoy the great outdoors.

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