Celebrate National Dairy Month in June with Delicious Dairy Desserts

As soon as summer hits, ice cream, creamy pies, and other dairy treats immediately beckon. Give in to that craving. You deserve it! Plus, June is National Dairy Month, so it’s the perfect time to indulge in all your favorite creamy treats.

Do you need another reason to celebrate dairy? Approximately 98 percent of all Oklahoma dairy farms are family-owned, according to Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom, so by drinking milk and enjoying dairy, you are supporting Oklahoma’s farmers and our state’s economy.

National Dairy Month History

While some food celebrations come and go, National Dairy Month has been a constant since 1937 and this year, will celebrate 80 years of delicious dairy celebrations. Although the name has changed from National Milk Month to National Dairy Month, the goal remains the same. It’s all about celebrating dairy’s products, its producers, and its nutritional benefits..

Nutritional Benefits of Dairy

Dairy has varied in terms of popularity through the past 80 years; but you can’t ignore its health benefits. Dairy provides calcium, potassium, and a sufficient amount of protein to help rebuild and repair muscle tissue. A dairy treat like chocolate milk or yogurt is a delicious snack after a workout.

“Many people are concerned by the amount of calories and fat found in whole milk, but it’s important to consider the nutritional benefits of it,” Pam Patty, registered dietitian at INTEGRIS, said. “It’s more important to be mindful of correct serving sizes.”

When it comes to enjoying dairy’s benefits, remember moderation is key.

Delicious Dairy Treats Round Up

Everyone has their favorite traditional dairy treat — maybe an ice cream sundae, custard, cake, or even a creamy drink. Here are some different dairy desserts made by fellow Okies to change up your typical dairy creation. Plus, we’ve included a lighter dairy dessert option to help you enjoy the summer season guilt-free.

Key Lime Pie by Take a Bite Blog

Key Lime Pie is a wonderful summer treat. The lime zest adds the perfect twist to this classic sweet pie.

Key Lime Pie

Blueberry Lemon Puff Pastry Bites by Krisztina Clifton

When you combine delicious flaky pastries and a scrumptious filling, you get pure happiness. This treat is perfect to bite into on a hot day.

Buttermilk Brownies by Made in Oklahoma Coalition

There is nothing like the perfect chocolaty rich brownies topped with creamy vanilla ice cream. This tried and true dessert is sure to please any guest!

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream by Taste of Home

Speaking of ice cream, this easy homemade ice cream is delicious. We believe recipes that have been passed down through the years are some of the finest, and this ice cream proves our theory right.

Ice Cream Pie with Easy Caramel Sauce by Pioneer Woman

We are convinced that the Pioneer Woman can do no wrong when it comes to food. This ice cream pie with the caramel sauce is to die for and definitely worth the calories. We recommend having guests over for this one so you don’t eat the whole thing by yourself!

Mouthwatering Dairy-Free Round Up

We understand that dairy isn’t an option for everyone’s diet. Homeland carries plenty of alternatives in stores so you can join in on the fun.

Chocolate-Covered Mocha Ice Cream Bites by An Unrefined Vegan

The delicious flavors of coffee and chocolate join together in these little bites, and believe us, it’s a match!

Banana Nutella Ice Cream by Hugs, Kisses & Snot

If your countertops are piled high with ripening bananas, we have the perfect way to make sure they won’t go to waste. Make some ice cream! Bananas serve as an unconventional but effective swap for dairy.

Root Beer Float by Plaid & Paleo

Craving a fizzy, creamy root beer float, but can’t quite stomach the dairy? Here’s a great alternative for you to try!

So, which dessert calls out to you? Celebrate National Dairy Month by heading to your nearest Homeland, picking up your favorite dairy products, and making a delicious summer treat!

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