How Instacart Makes the Holidays Simpler

The holidays should be a time to relax. However, many of us would chuckle at that notion because it’s always packed full of parties to attend, errands to run, and celebrations to host. The season often passes us by in a green and red blur.

Hosting parties is fun, but can be a lot of work. Guests expect festive treats, great conversation, and more. While we can’t make your crazy aunt behave or promise your kids won’t sneak a few extra cookies, we can offer a helping hand when it comes to getting your groceries in a pinch.

Let us cross grocery shopping off your to-do list. We want to save you time and give you back special moments with your family, not with fellow crazed grocery shoppers.

Shop online and get groceries delivered to your house through Instacart. It’s hassle-free and you can select whether you want your items delivered within one hour or two, depending on how quickly you need your groceries.

There are many ways you can add items to your cart online. Simply visit or download the Instacart app. Pack it full, or just add one key ingredient you are missing. There is nothing worse than getting back from your weekly grocery trip and realizing you’ve forgotten one key ingredient. With Instacart, you don’t have to worry.

“I have loved using Instacart to save some time during busy weeks,” Chloe Cumbie, OKC resident, said. “It is very easy to order online and you receive it quickly after

Instacart delivers to most of Oklahoma City and Edmond, Norman, Yukon and Del City. To see if Instacart serves your location, please visit Instacart and enter your zip code.

Go ahead, make life easier during the holiday season and start grocery shopping using Instacart.

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