Easy to Make Recipe Book – A Perfect Sentimental Gift

Need the perfect gift for the cooks in your family? We’ve got an idea that’s easy to put together and heartfelt. You can create a curated recipe book that’s full of family favorites and nostalgic memories. You don’t need a bookbinder or publisher – just a trip to your favorite craft store.

This gift is a wonderful way to share your favorite recipes with someone you love. It’s perfect for a pair of newlyweds, a college graduate or passing down recipes to a new generation of cooks. No matter if you have recipes handwritten on cards, clippings from magazines or printouts from your favorite recipe blog, you can include them in the book!

What You Need

  • One three-ring binder
  • One to two packages of three-holed protector sheets (This will depend on the number of recipes included.)
  • One eight count package of binder divider tabs
  • Printed or photocopied recipes, recipe cards or magazine recipe clippings


  • Start by gathering the recipes you want to include. You can hand copy recipes onto note cards, cut out pages from a magazine or find the printer-friendly versions of your favorite food blogger’s recipes. No matter where the recipe comes from, make sure the paper it’s written or printed on fits within the sheet protectors.
  • Next, divide the recipes into categories like desserts, entrées or poultry. Whatever makes the most sense to you will work perfectly.
  • Take time to go through each recipe and make notes on your favorites. Write a message to the recipient about what occasions you make the dish for or share memories from making it the first time. The more personal, the better!

  • Once you’ve written your notes, place each recipe in its own protector sheet. For note cards, make sure to place them in the bottom of the sheet so that they don’t move out of place.
  • Place the filled protector sheet within the three-ringed binder. Make sure the recipes are placed together with their categories.

  • Place the divider tabs to separate and label each section according to its category.
  • Now, label the front of your binder with your desired title. You can personalize it as much as you like!

Other Gift Ideas for Cooking Lovers

Foodies will love a gift card to their favorite grocery store. They’ll have fun browsing organic products in-store or selecting new varieties to try at the cheese counter.

If your favorite cook loves spicy flavors, put together a basket of different spice blends or local barbeque sauces.

Young chefs need the right tools. If you know an aspiring chef or baker, a basic set of spatulas, measuring tools or mixing bowls make a wonderfully practical gift.

What’s the best gift of all? You can pick all these items up at your neighborhood Homeland. It’s as simple as that. From last-minute groceries to perfect party trays, we’ve got you covered this holiday season.

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